Teamwork for the win

Your ‘forever home’ or commercial building project will come to life because Edifice Construction maintains a competent, capable and loyal workforce.

We trust and invest in our employees and systems. When we take care of our people and give them the tools, experience and clarity to do what they do, you can’t go wrong.  

The Edifice team has industry award winners, plus a great blend of experience and expertise that is put to use in clearly defined roles.

Edifice Construction | Reliable Tradies you can Trust

We have pretty decent humans on the tools. And they’re good at their jobs. Our employees are talented, dedicated and good humoured people you can trust to be on-site.

Our apprentices, carpenters and site supervisors take pride in their work. They genuinely like being part of the Edifice family.  There might be a skills shortage in our industry and the region, but the Edifice Construction crew tends to stick around.

That loyalty exists because our people love to put their skills to use on quality custom builds. They also enjoy the camaraderie of a great team in a flexible workplace that offers development opportunities and rewarding career pathways close to home.


Quality People, Quality Standards

Edifice Construction has great people and we utilise state-of-the-art processes to streamline operations and maintain high quality standards.

You can trust in our structure and systems. We know who does what, when, in real-time, and we engage clearly and honestly with stakeholders through every stage.

Residential and commercial building projects remain on track and to budget and are compliant with regulatory requirements. We meet – often exceed – client expectations.

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Meet the Management Team

Each of our managers is trained and experienced in the property and building sectors, and has been part of the Edifice Construction team for years.

We’re personable experts who know our stuff. Although we’ve got clear roles, we don’t hide behind titles. We return calls and stay in touch.

Dugald Campbell, Director and Building Project Manager

After decades on the tools, Dugald no longer refers to himself as a tradie. He’s become an experienced project manager and astute business leader with a number of awards under his belt.

Since Edifice was founded in 2015, Dugald has expanded his skillset by obtaining his commercial builder’s registration and investing in strategic business development. 

Dugald has a reputation as a good bloke. He is a good bloke. People enjoy working with him, and his relationships with our team and valued clients are a big part of the Edifice success story.

Ellissia Campbell, Co-owner and Business Manager

Meet a Woman in Construction. Ellissia is a collaborative leader with a background in real estate and property management. As co-director of Edifice, she’s become a mentor to others in the building industry.

Ellissia brings vision to life. She’s an energetic ideas woman with creative and practical capabilities, who makes things happen. She attunes to clients and aligns policy and practice to ensure our job is done well.

Our favourite hashtag – #buildingcommunity – came from Ellissia. She drives our sponsorship and community programs so we can contribute to the development and prosperity of the region we love.

Teagan Lambie, Office Manager

Teagan joined us in 2018, ignited by six years of real estate experience and a bunch of renovation projects. She’s since completed a Cert IV Building and Construction and is developing her industry expertise.

She’s resourceful, highly organised and on top of all the details. Behind the scenes Teagan ensures projects run smoothly. She smooths the way for clients too, guiding people through stages of the building process.

Teagan is regularly on site, reviewing progress and keeping our sub-contractors, surveyors and planners on track. She also keeps clients in loop on the building progress.  

Steve Palmer, Residential Project Manager

After more than 25 years on the tools as a carpenter- six as one of our site supervisors – Steve stepped into the role of Project Manager in 2021.

Steve is the key link coordinating trades, architects, engineers and suppliers to make sure everything is in place. He keeps in close contact with clients and our onsite teams to ensure jobs run smoothly.

This experienced professional is great at what he does. He’s a natural communicator who is committed to streamlining the building process to make it an easeful and positive experience for all stakeholders.

Matt Waters, Commercial Operations Manager

As a trade qualified carpenter and joiner, Matt has 30 years of official experience in domestic, commercial and civil construction. That’s on top of his kid years building cubbies and billy carts.

Matt has always been putting things together. These days, after years as our site supervisor, he pulls projects together, overseeing logistics and relationships with professionalism and personal rapport.

Matt revels in barracking for Collingwood. He also enjoys the momentum of organising a building project, relying more now on his mind, after decades of physical experience on site and on the tools.

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