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A skilled carpenter with two decades of building experience, Dugald’s ability to expertly manage multiple projects and oversee a sizeable team drives our business.

Inspired and passionate about the industry, Dugald made the decision to step away from the tools in 2015, focussing instead on refining the way we manage our projects and developing an experienced and connected team.

His emphasis on strong relationships, excellent communication and innovative thinking consistently delivers high quality projects to happy clients. Dugald gets to know everyone who works with us and his approachable nature and great connections throughout the region have seen our business recognised as a leader not just in the building industry but also in the business community.

Work with us and Dugald will be your primary contact from day one through to completion.


Business Manager

Working alongside husband and Edifice Director Dugald, Ellissia is one of a growing number of regional women carving out a rewarding career in the building industry and providing pathways for others to do the same

An experienced leader with a background in real estate and property management, Ellissia oversees day-to-day operations, keeping projects rolling and the team aligned with goals and visions.

Her creative ‘outside the box’ thinking and exceptional process and organisational skills help bring our projects to life. When you work with us, you’ll work with Ellissia (lucky you). She’s hands-on with every job; getting to know our clients and their vision and ensuring we deliver an end product everyone loves.

Passionate about community, Ellissia created our favourite hashtag #buildingcommunity and is a firm believer that we have a role to play in developing not just the built but also the social and economic prosperity of our region.

Ellissia handles our sponsorship and community projects and is passionate about providing enriching career opportunities for local people, especially women.


Office Manager

Since joining the Edifice team in 2018 Teagan’s role as Office Manager has expanded with her growing skills as a building professional.

Six years in real estate and several of her own renovation projects ignited a passion for property. Teagan has completed a Cert IV in Building and Construction and is well on her way to establishing herself in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Resourceful and highly organised, behind the scenes Teagan ensures our projects run smoothly. In front, she guides clients through the building process and makes sure the entire team including sub contractors, surveyors and planners are meeting deadlines and expectations.

You’ll see her regularly on site and hear from her throughout the building process.

Meeting with Teagan and the rest of the project management team is an important first step to working with us.


Project Manager

After more than 25 years on the tools, six of those as one of our site supervisors, experienced carpenter Steve stepped into the role of Project Manager in 2021.

Steve loves the challenge of managing our projects. He keeps in close contact with clients and the Edifice onsite teams to make sure jobs are running smoothly, and works with our other trades, architects, engineers and suppliers to make sure everything we need is in place.

With his straightforward, friendly way of doing things, and years of on-the-job experience, Steve is great at what he does, and he’s committed to streamlining the building process to make it a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

If Steve is the project manager for your job, he will be your primary contact from day one through to completion.

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