Reducing our own environmental footprint is where it starts for us. We buy local whenever possible, reducing carbon emissions as much as we can.

Yard recycling is set up to deal with cardboard, timbers, recyclables and general waste and we approach demolition on site with a view to re-using as many materials as possible. Old plaster and bricks are recycled rather than going to landfill and we always look for smart options when we need to source or remove clean fill.

In the office we use sustainable products and where possible like to operate a paperless system. We’re big supporters of the excellent Who Gives a Crap, who donate 50 per cent of profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world, and use their products in all our amenities

Our knowledge of sustainable building materials is strong and we’re committed to keeping up-to-speed with new developments. We also work closely with trusted second hand suppliers where appropriate.

Keeping our community sustainable is extremely important to us. We support local businesses and tradespeople and employ locally, giving back to the economy and providing local people, especially young people, with the opportunity to have a rewarding career right here at home.

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