Building a Village | Proudly Local

We don’t just build homes. We build relationships and make good things happen.

Edifice Construction is a local business. We live where we work. We love where we live.

By being good at what we do, we get the chance make our people and places even better.

Central Victoria’s Big Hearted Builders

We employ and develop locals, who stick around because we treat them with respect, like family. Our team members get to experience rewarding careers in their own backyard.

Edifice also engages regional subbies and tradies, and we procure materials through local suppliers. This increases efficiency, promotes our trades sector and keeps dollars in the business community.

We also give away dollars to support community projects. Edifice Construction’s financial sponsorship program supports local groups to do their thing.

Community Grants in Mount Alexander

We put our money where our mouth is. Edifice Construction chooses to share profits to enhance the vitality and wellbeing of our towns and villages.

Our annual budget has an allocation set aside for local community grants, and we have a transparent process in place.

Once a year we call out for submissions. Then our entire team gets together to take a squiz at the applications and decide how we’ll distribute funds.

Some of the projects we’ve sponsored include:

  • Run the Maine
  • Castlemaine Jazz Festival
  • Castlemaine Billy Cart Challenge
  • Harcourt Bowling Club
  • XtremeInc Youth Projects
  • The Castlemaine Gift
  • Castlemaine ParkRun
  • HALT; and
  • ELM Network.

Do you have a community project or event? Follow us on social media or sign -up to stay in the loop about our community funding

Sustainable builders in Castlemaine

Our knowledge of sustainable building practices and materials is strong and we keep up to speed with developments.

We buy local whenever possible, to reduce our own footprint as much as we can. We’re set up to recycle at the yard, and that’s how we manage cardboard, timbers, recyclables and general waste.

Edifice Construction works closely with trusted second hand suppliers when it’s possible.

We approach demolition on site with a view to re-using materials. Old plaster and bricks are recycled rather than going to landfill and we always look for smart options when we need to source or remove clean fill.

In the office we use sustainable products and aim for a paperless system. We’re big supporters of –p0tf, which donates 50 per cent of its profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. You’ll find their loo rolls hanging in all of our amenities (top side over).

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